You cultivate inner harmony and health among your patients. We cultivate strong, profitable businesses.

Introducing Pro TCM Clinic. A clinic management application designed by TCM Professionals for TCM Professionals


We save clinics money and time while supporting clients towards balanced health.

Clinic App

Eliminate Paperwork

Save time, money, and the environment while keeping detailed records of all your treatment files in one secure place.


Standards Compliant Records

Meet all Professional and legal requirements for patient and practitioner record keeping.


Integrated Scheduling

Schedule & synchronize appointments, treatments and reminders. Easily manage requests from new and returning patients.


Easy to Navigate

Designed by TCM Practitioners for TCM Practitioners: an intuitive layout of everything you need for a complete intake or a quick return client.



Why Pro TCM Clinic?

We deal with the challenges faced by professional clinics

Beautifully Simple

Pro TCM Clinic is an app designed to simplify the lives of today’s TCM professionals. We understand the challenges faced by professional clinics: heavy paperwork, high costs, and time consuming administration.

A Modern Alternative

Practitioners often face a lack of acceptance from mainstream medicine; it’s time to change the face of modern TCM. We support clinics to be organized, professional, and keep standards-compliant records. Together, we can change how society sees alternative medicine.

Focus on Your Practice

We want all Acupuncturists, TCM Doctors, and Practitioners to be able to focus on what they do best - caring for their clients. We have designed our app to handle the heavy lifting in your clinic, so you can get back to the harmony, joy, and stillness your clients need from you.

Chinese Language Option

The iPad app is also fully bi-lingual with simplified Chinese.

Sound good?

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Client App

Request Appointments

Easily request appointments with your practitioner.


 Track Your Progression

Observe your health & recovery, keep your practitioner up to date with your progress, and make sure you're on the right track.


 Keep a Health Journal

Explore the healing process and discover the things that work best for you in maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle.


 Find Practitioners Near You

Find practitioner in your local area or abroad. Read profiles and reviews to find the practitioner that best suits your needs.