Setbacks and New Beginnings

Friends and supporters of Pro TCM Clinic:

Since our last update in September 2016 we have been working hard to deliver our TCM EHR Software.

We believed that Pro TCM Clinic would be ready to launch by spring. Unfortunately, we have encountered a dilemma. Over the past few years, many large website hacks have come to light in the mainstream and we have witnessed the havoc wreaked on bank accounts, politics, private data, and medical information.

We had to make a hard choice this winter – launch on time or change course to ensure that when we do launch, we are using the highest level data security protocols available. We decided to delay Pro TCM Clinic’s launch in favour of implementing added layers of data protection.

It is very difficult to disappoint those of you waiting for our software. We understand, as we have needed this software in our own practices for years. We set out on this journey with a singular task: create clinic software made for Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners in order to give us all simplified clinic management, real research and progress tracking capabilities, and the ability to spend more time with our patients. As TCM practitioners ourselves, we feel the same need, and are hoping to solve them for those who, like us, want to bring ease into their practice.

To continue this work while we complete Pro TCM Clinic, we will be releasing our new Formula Builder iPhone App for TCM Herbalists within the next few months.  Formula Builder is an app we have designed to help TCM Herbalist Doctors to save time and money in their clinics.

Formula Builder is a reference App for TCM Herbs and Formulas which users can use to cross reference between multiple formulas for common ingredients and select multiple herbs to see which formulas share those common ingredients. It also features “My Formula” which allows users to build and save their own formulas.  Watch our upcoming blog posts for details on Formula Builder’s release date.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Pro TCM Clinic. We are working to lift the Traditional Chinese Medicine field to a new level of organization and sophistication and we couldn’t do this without you.


The Pro TCM Clinic Team


Great Vessels

There is a saying in Chinese: “Great vessels take years to produce” or “Great minds mature slowly.” Here at Pro TCM Clinic, we believe in the truth of these words. We believe that building an excellent product that will change our industry for the better takes patience, insight, stamina, and attention to detail.

It is true, so many great creations in this world have taken time, and it is the same for the work we are creating for you. In software development circles, some might say, “Google wasnt built in a day.”

Our dedication to produce clinic software for TCM practices is driving innovation and design at Pro TCM Clinic. Let’s take a look at what we have created in the past three months:

      • Increased security measures: Security is a major priority and legal requirement, and before we launch we are putting Pro TCM Clinic through rigorous, repeated tests to uncover any problems.

      • Upgraded User Interface: We have made the app easier to navigate and work with so our users can integrate this new system with ease and get to work with their clinics.

      • Added more clinical resources: We have added even more resources users can draw from for their clinics, minimizing the need for books, charts, storage space, and costly clinic purchases.

      • Improved User Experience: Our developers and testers have been working to ensure the software is intuitive to work with, and that there is a good support system in place for users with questions.

Overall, we are very pleased with how Pro TCM Clinic is taking form. We are confident that the software we are building will make a real difference in the lives of TCM doctors and practitioners, and bring doctors and their clients closer together. We see a culture of increased ease for practitioners, lowered costs for starting practices, and increased clinic profits.

We are grateful for your patience and for those of you who have been spreading the word of our project as we sculpt this great vessel. We are honored to have your support as our team works to bring Pro TCM Clinic to its first release.

In gratitude,

The Pro TCM Clinic Team

Client App Features

Accompanying Pro TCM Clinic’s software for clinics is our client-side smartphone app. We designed the app to deepen connections between practitioner and client and to help TCM clients get more involved in their healthcare.

The client smartphone app holds many features that can put you in the driver’s seat for managing your health care. Below, we explore the two main features that we think hold the most value for you as a client.


Find a Practitioner


To start, you can look at all the practitioners in your area, at home or from the road. You can search within your local area based on your phone’s location, or you can opt to select another city. For those of you who are on the road a lot, no longer do you have to put your health on hold – you can maintain a consistent schedule of excellent health care wherever you find yourself.


Client Journal


As a client of Traditional Chinese Medicine, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could track your symptoms consistently, so your doctor could look at them immediately? Our client app does just that: gives you a journal you can add to from your smartphone or tablet at any time.

If you are currently working with a TCM practitioner, you can give them access to your health journal and they can see your submissions right away. Upload short notes, long descriptions, or photos – whatever you want to record for yourself and share with your practitioner.

If Traditional Chinese Medicine is a part of your health care systems, give Pro TCM Clinic a try. We’re making it easier to access and receive excellent health care.


Pro TCM Clinic – EHR for Acupuncturists

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”


We’ve come so far already, and are just about to take our first big step.

We thank you for your patience on this journey. The launch of Pro TCM Clinic is fast approaching, which will only be the beginning!

Stay tuned for more!



coins-770x335 copy

Pro TCM Clinic – Billing Structure

Getting to know our Billing Structure:

It’s easy and designed to help your business!


In order to remain accessible to all sizes and styles of TCM clinical practices, Pro TCM Clinic charges based on usage.


Our Fees

Account Setup
$10/One Time Payment*
One Time Setup Fee
Valid for 1 Licensed Practitioner
Create Your Secure Account
Customize Your Profile
Integrate Your Clinic
*Charged at Account Activation
Account Maintenance
Includes 10 Treatment File Uploads
HIPAA Compliant Records
Full Account Features
Pro TCM Clinic for iPad
"Find a Practitioner" Listing
*Minimum monthly charge $10
Treatment File Uploads
$1/Treatment File Upload*
Per Treatment File Uploaded
Save, View, Share, Print Client Files
Search and Export Record Archives
Customizable TCM Content
TCM Client Journal App for Clients
*Maximum $200 for Unlimited Uploads


**Please note

  • Monthly fees are charged in arrears, at the end of your monthly billing cycle.
  • All fees are in US dollars.
  • Credit cards are charged automatically on your billing date.













Please visit our Billing Page for full details and frequently asked questions.



Pro TCM Clinic – PHI Security

As Practitioners in the clinic, we are handling Protected Health Information (PHI) on a daily basis.

The security of your data, whether personal or professional, is of top priority to us.

Keep your account secure with 2-step authentication,

as well as a full login history log for Web and Ipad, that can be checked to ensure no one else has gained access to your data.




We use the highest standards of security, our hosting services and company policies are fully HIPAA compliant.


Feel secure with Pro TCM Clinic: we’re watching out for you.


Dao De Jing Chapter 44










Of name or body, which is more dear?

Of life or wealth, which is more worthy?

Of gain and loss, which is more of a disease?

Therefore, loving in excess certainly incurs great expense,

Hoarding certainly leads to heavy loss.

Knowing contentment brings no disgrace,

Knowing when to stop brings no danger,

Thus one can endure indefinitely.


Dashboard Tour



The Pro TCM Clinic Dashboard gives you immediate access to all the information you need to stay in touch with your clients and your clinic.


View your upcoming appointments at the touch of a button, keeping yourself prepared and on time.


View your Clinic Activity Feed to keep a pulse on everything that is happening with your clinic, patients, and account.


Search clients and view brief details of upcoming clients.

News and blog feed keeps you up to date on your favorite news and blogs, customizable in your account.


More Micro Tours to come, stay tuned and thank you for reading!


Thank You For Your Patience

It’s time to say it: Thank You.


Thank you for your patience, your interest, and your messages of encouragement as we continue with the finishing touches on Pro TCM Clinic.

Software development is quite the journey; it is a deeply technical, detailed process. We do a lot of planning, mapping, and setting targets. We build complex systems using programming code, then test those systems against the intended functionality of our software. Once we think we’ve perfected a feature, our testers ensure everything is working properly.

Our path in building this software has been long and winding. Technology is constantly changing and as we build we have to find flexibility in the changing tides of development. You have our promise that we will deliver to you a high quality product.

We’re very excited to be close to launching our website and rolling out our client and practitioner apps. We will post updates here on our progress.


In thanks,

The Pro TCM Clinic Team


People, in handling affairs
Often come close to completion and fail
If they are as careful in the end as the beginning
Then they would have no failure.
• Lao Zi, Dao De Jing, Chapter 64




Insurance Coding

We’re happy to introduce you to a special feature of the practitioner accounts; helping you to simply and easily chart all your insurance codes!


USA Insurance:

For our customers in the USA, we have easy to access insurance codes right from the app. You can record insurance codes during treatments and easily archive data for submission to insurance companies. The auto-complete lists of insurance codes is customizable in your account.



All of our features are paths to a singular result: a simpler, organized, stress-free practice for you.

ProTCM Clinic: the support your practice has been waiting for.